Organ Historical Society

Recognition by the Organ Historical Society

A plaque was presented at the organ dedication to the Aurora Evangelical Covenant Church by the Organ Historical Society. The following are excerpts from the presentation.

“The occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Alexander Mills organ is not only a special one for the congregation, but also a special occasion for the Organ Historical Society, which has an active interest in instruments like this.”

“The Organ Historical Society was founded in New York City in 1956, with the goal of preserving and promoting historic American pipe organs as part of our nation’s cultural heritage. In addition, the Society sought to demonstrate the musical value of such instruments during a period in our country when many buildings, furnishings and decorative arts were lost because they were old-fashioned. This instrument represents a valuable link to the past. The craftsmanship it displays is enduring and irreplaceable, and its beauty of sound is as valid for church music today as it was 100 years ago.”

“The Organ Historical Society began a program in the 1970’s to bestow special recognition on instruments that were especially significant.”

“Alexander Mills did not build a large quantity of organs, and very few of his instruments have survived. This organ is the largest Mills organ known to survive that is tonally and mechanically intact, and it is very gratifying to the Society that it has been restored and given a welcomed new home, thanks to your interest. The uniqueness of this instrument and its excellent condition make it completely worthy of such recognition. The Organ Historical Society is proud to share this honor with you, and may the organ and your church prosper together in the future.”

Visit the Organ Historical Society’s website for more information.